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Katsuya Eguchi - Nintendo Wii Interview (June 2006)

by Kikizo

Published 2006

Kikizo interviews Katsuya Eguichi, the Manager and Producer of Software Development Group No. 2 at EAD in Nintendo's Kyoto-based headquarters.

The focus is the Nintendo Wii, which was released November 2006. Obviously has questions on the Wii's development, the new ideas coming for it, and the peripherals/controller. There is more on some of the games, online things and other questions too - including how they keep such good secrets. See the segments list for a runthrough of points.

The original piece and related news items are at Kikizo. Thanks to Kikizo for the source.

Run time 00:12:59
Producer Kikizo
Production Company Kikizo
Audio/Visual Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 96Kbps (kikizo_ed480p60_ncl_nintendo_eguchi_iv_jun06b.wmv), Windows Media Video 9 856x480 60.00fps 2600Kbps (kikizo_ed480p60_ncl_nintendo_eguchi_iv_jun06b.wmv)
Language English and Translated Japanese
Contact Information Kikizo; <a href="></a>


<ul><li>NCL's impressive ability to keep information secret
</li><li>Has anything disappointed him about Wii development
</li><li>Any hesitation about going with the radical new idea?
</li><li>Wii controller attachments, what to expect and why
</li><li>More about the Wii remote's built-in speaker
</li><li>Trying to get to the bottom of the Mario 128/Galaxy question
</li><li>Wii Sports Airplane, a bit like Pilotwings, no?
</li><li>Details on Animal Crossing for Wii, including Fried Codes
</li><li>Standby Mode, benefits of the feature including Animal Crossing
</li><li>Thirdparty support and quality assurance for their games
</li><li>Significant differnece between PS3 and Wii controllers
</li><li>Other bits and piece


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